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Alexander and Tatyana Noryk are Russian artists who have been working together for many years, creating artworks in various styles and techniques. Nowadays wooden landscapes and architectural illustrations placed on birch bark are prevailing among their artworks. Through the colorful palette of oil paintings, warm shades of birch bark and its rich in uniqueness relief artists try to embrace the endless variety of nature's manifestation. They believe that the artist's goal is not to just depict the world in a familiar and ordinary way, but to discover and perpetuate the invisible sense through the visible image in order to convey it not to the viewer's eyes but to the viewer's heart.


Since the 1990s, Alexander and Tatyana continuously create and sell their artworks. And from then on, they are well known in Moscow as bright and original artists. Russian landscapes and scenes with traditional Russian architecture are the most popular and recognisable among their collection. 

Alexander Noryk

Alexander received his first painting lessons at the age of 10 at the Izmail Art School. In 1999 he graduated with honors from the course of easel painting and graphic of the Fine Arts Faculty in Moscow. Since 2000 he is member of the International Art Fondation.

Tatyana Noryk

In 1991 Tatyana has completed teacher training with distinction. Her entire life she has been engaged in creative work. For the last thirty years Tatyana has been painting and giving art lessons for children. Now she is a founder of children's art studio.

Our works are among private collections not only in Russia, but also in Ukraine, Belarus, China, America, Germany, Italy, Slovenia and some other European countries.

Painting «Golden Abode of Buddha Shakyamuni » in K.Ilyumzhinov's collection, 2015


- "I really like such landscapes, I can see something

        close to the people's hearts"


              - "You have a rare gift of perception the nature"

                 - It would be great to step into your pictures and                     remain there for the rest of my life!

                 - "After this exhibition you get a sense of

              love for life"


          - "Interesting! I like how you accentuate unique   patterns of the birch bark"

  -  "My heart and soul are devoted to every of your work"


           - "Birch landscapes is filled with life! Bravo!"


          - "I am glad that our home has a piece of

                                          your vision and talent"


          - "Pictures are rich in beauty and depth...

   They are warm and sensual. I have no words!

                             Emotions are way over the top!"   


     - "The scenes are so understandable and familiar 

                                            for Russian people. Amazing!"         


Regional exhibition «Artisits of Danube», Ukraine, Ismail

Regional exhibition «Artists of Bessarabia» | Ukraine, Ismail

Exhibition in observance of the 200th anniversary of A.Pushkin's birth | Russia, Moscow

Exhibition dedicated to the City Day | Russia, Moscow

Personal exhibition of art on birch | Russia, Podolsk

Exhibition "Art therapy. Creation and design | Russia, Moscow

Notes from the exhibition's guest book


Tatyana and Alexander Noryk at the exhibition in Podolsk, 1999